Saturday, April 24, 2010

the wind is hardly ever still here on the plains. it's been working overtime these past two days. a peek at the weatherbug just now reveals the winds sustaining at 33 mph from the northwest, gusting to 46 mph at times. barry from work reported to me that there has been gusts to 58 mph today. as i've said before, any day like today is a good day not to be in lubbock and/or parts south of there. no matter how wet it has been down that way, the sand can find a way to blow on a windy day. here, or there, when the wind blows like these past two days, it can work on your mind. adding in the blowing sand only compounds the misery. it can wear you down. even if one stays inside, the wind somehow eats at the depths of your being setting teeth on edge.wind, wind go away... as a rule, the wind usually eases once the sun goes down. let's hope that's the case today. pssst... wind , if you're listening-- enough already. aio

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