Wednesday, April 21, 2010

tornado season 2010...

what started as a smallish thunderstorm turned nasty in a heartbeat last evening. if you've been following, you'll recall the f-3 twister near hammon, ok in late march. the little woman and i were finishing dinner when a tornado warning flashed across the tv screen. instantly the adrenaline levels spiked. that is least until we heard that the first tornado of the season in the texas panhandle had been spotted on the ground close to Bushland (8 miles west of our house). it was a tense evening with the weather alarmists repeating themselves over and over. what concerns me more than anything about yesterday's weather happenings is that there's been another confirmed tornado this early and the high temp yesterday was only in the mid 70's. i can only wonder what the instability in the atmosphere may foment when daytime highs get up into the 80's and 90's. keep an eye to the sky. it could get exciting around here. twister time in the texas panhandle is just getting started! and i'm out.

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