Friday, April 9, 2010

a growing hint of light, like the sun's first rays peeping up in the east, appeared on the eastern truck horizon late friday. as the clock ticked it's way toward 6 p.m., and not having any word from the truck hospital, my resolve to not call, dissolved. i called ann at the dealership hoping to hear something more positive than the string of empty, broken promises made over these past weeks. i was on hold for what seemed to be forever before ann came on the line to speak the words i've been waiting, wanting to hear. "the good news is the engine is back together, it started and the mechanic has driven it to "set the head". "all we have left to do is to change the oil and get it cleaned up for you." but-- "it will be tomorrow morning before we can get those things completed for you". those words, as beautiful as any i've heard in a while, were music to my ears. at long last the frontier is alive again. i get to check it out of the truck hospital and drive it home in only a matter of hours. it seems this awful nightmare is at last drawing to a close. mark the date-- saturday, april 10, 2010-- the day the frontier is to be returned to me and the day it will be given over to the beneficent portection of our patron, st. christopher. it is my great hope that all will go as planned tomorrow. if so, my next post will put the lid on the frontier fiasco. smiles for everyone. and i'm out.

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