Thursday, April 8, 2010

uncle, i say. mr. murphy and all your laws, i surrender. you win, you've proven that as law #7 says, "left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse" you are the master. i bow to you. are you getting the idea that, as i predicted in the last entry, something else did happen and the truck was not ready as it has been promised for today, and for so many times before. about 4:30, i got a call from rex, the main service manager, explaining that my truck would be "ready tomorrow". me--oh?, what happened to today? rex-- "nissan cancelled the order for the head gasket". can you effing believe it! i can just see the scenario at mcgavock when ann learned of this latest snafu. ann- "WHAT!!! i am not calling kenmac47 to tell him that. rex, you have to call him. i refuse".. so rex called. and i just had to laugh because at this point you might as well laugh about it as cry about it, right. out of curiosity, i asked-- so, rex-- how long does a job like this usually take. ready for this? "about 2 days", he replied. tomorrow is day 44. and i repeat, i'll believe my truck is fixed when i can get in it and drive away, laughing my a** off, or crying my eyes out, from the relief of it all. stay tuned and say a little prayer that we find sweet release soon. and i'm out.

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