Saturday, April 17, 2010

it's sucks getting older...

what with the kids grown and gone, with no grands on the horizon, we are reduced to getting our chills, and or thrills, vicariously through other people's children. it's not that we aren't supportive of our kid's endeavours, we are. at least to the degree one can be when the closest of the three lives nine hours away by car. you can't just "pop in" to austin to catch chris playing with one of his bands. trying to catch bob way out in california, in whatever play he might be doing at the moment, is even more daunting. kelly, who's down in new orleans, is for the moment on the sidelines of the arts scene. nawlins' is a draw in it's own right. i suppose we could go down and watch her plants grow. we could we call them what-- grand-tomatoes? the precipitating event for this particular diatribe is our attending the symphony last night. it was the annual concert featuring the choirs from WTAMU and AC as well as a combined performance of ASO and the amarillo youth symphony. i truly enjoy this annual combined concert. the hall resonates with the play of the two orchestras together. our vicarious connection to the youth symphony is kevin veggeberg, son of drs. neal and lisa veggeberg. i saw dr. lisa at intermission. she informed me, "you can't miss him. he's right in the middle and his hair is down to here". i didn't see kevin come on stage and from where i sit he was unfortunately not in my line of sight. at the end of the performance i felt--well stupid. (she's right, you can't mistake him.) at concert's end, i saw i had been following the play of a different kid altogether. a viola player for pete's sake, quite accomplished from what i could gather from his bow strokes but whose hair is longish but not actually red. i knew, or at least i thought i remembered, that kevin plays cello. i very much enjoyed the performance. was i misty eyed with pride in a performance by the wrong youth symphony musician? or was i simply moved by the moment? sorry kevin! and i'm out.

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