Monday, March 31, 2014

back in the day...

I saw this picture of an Afghan boy rolling a tire on the net today.  At once I was transported back in time to my early days growing up in the middle of that dry land cotton patch.  I remember making fun with old an old tire. My sister and I were about the age of the young boy above, the two of us rolling our tire along, racing to see who could get from here to there first without losing control.  It was in the years before we were old enough to take to the fields.  A time of innocence, of love and laughter. So long ago. When you grow up 7 miles from nowhere, fun is hard to come by.


Monday, March 24, 2014

Amarillo Symphony's Visionaries concert....

Jacomo's Visionaries concert may well be my favorite of any presented during our years of attending the symphony.  This season began with promise and a hint of mystery, of curiosity for what the new maestro might bring.

Bring it he did, with excitement for the season building as it drew on.  Saturday night was a treat for the ears, heart and mind-- for the soul.

To the selection committee, compliments are due for narrowing the search to the three able candidates and for selecting Jacomo (my personal favorite) to lead our ASO into these next years.  Thank you Jacomo for an excellent season full of fresh and interesting compositions from modern and American composers, for pairing those skillfully with composers of the old school and for bringing talented guest artists to punctuate those programs.  The symphony deserves a well earned pat on their collective backs as well for responding to Jacomo's baton, a response obvious to even the ears of this dry land cotton farmer's kid. Together you've turned what were for me evenings to be tolerated into ones of pleasant enjoyment.

Renewing our seats for the 2014-15 season was a no-brainer for me.  I'm anxious for the concert coming up in April but I'm keenly anticipating what Jacomo and our ASO may have in store for us in the new season to come. Every journey begins with a single step.  Jacomo and the symphony are nearing completion of the first leg of this new journey.  Where will the next leg take us?  Stay tuned!