Sunday, April 11, 2010

sunday morning coffee...

sitting in the donut stop with the guys on sunday morning, drinking coffee and dissecting the events of the past week, there was lull in the course of the usual, good natured trading of verbal jabs. sitting in the booth and facing to the north, i was staring out the window. into view from my right glided a couple of vultures. not such an unusual sight, even in the city, but then along came a third and a fourth. definitely odd at that point, but over the next minute, another and then another, until nine vultures trained along, one behind the other. riding the same thermal, nine (turkey?) vultures trailing along from southeast to northwest, floating along towards who knows where. likely each had eyes to the ground, scouting for signs of the equivalent of buzzard soup du joure. the point of this posting is what? it's hard to say, unless it would be that we never know what a day's time will reveal to us. let us revel in joyful anticipation of what the next tick of the clock holds for each of us. be ever ready to take it in, whatever it might be. enjoy the moment for what it is. after all, it's not every day that one gets to see not one or two, but nine vultures playing follow the leader in the skies over amarillo. and i'm out.

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