Monday, April 19, 2010

lilac time in-atown....

it seems there has always been lilacs in my life. growing up on that dry land cotton farm, my granny and granpa mc lived just beyond a clods throw to the west of us. not a day passed that i didn't stop in to see them at least for a minute or two. a front porch ran the length of the front of their house. at the end of the "walk" was a solitary lilac bush. it's blossoms each spring signaled that the worst of the cold was done for. winter 2009-10 is behind us now. among the snowiest in recent memory, the total snowfall for the winter was about 30 inches. what with a wet winter, and with the rains that blessed us these last days and weeks, the panhandle is a riot of green and growing things. in the side yard of our home here in a-town we have two lilac bushes. one has the traditional lilac colored blossoms, the other white blossoms. as scraggly as our bushes are, this spring they have brought forth an abundance of fragrant blossoms. lilacs are blooming all over even along the sides of I-40 at the underpasses. the lilac bushes TXDOT has planted there are awash in color, giving the locals and the passers through a splash of panhandle springtime color. mother nature is taking full advantage of all the moisture. as wet as the winter was and spring has been, one can only hope the rains will carry us through the dog days of august. in the mean time, keep your bumbleshoot handy and take some to smell the lilacs. a.i.o.

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