Monday, April 25, 2011

what sound, through open window comes...


what is that sound, so vaguely familiar, hinting of soemthing heard in distant past.  through window open to cooling breezes, can it be?  from darkening skies, can it be rain i smell, thunder i hear?

why, yes. as witnessed on, what has been long absent is approaching from the north and west. and now the sound of raindrops, heavy with promise reach my hungry ears.

quench this land, it's thirst so great, it's need unslaked.

bless this wanting land and it's people. for this gift we give thanks mother wind, mother earth you are good.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

tis the season...

                                                                                                                                        last night, local weather guru "doppler dave" and his merry band of weather men presented their annual, hour long, severe weather program.  this year's edition, "ahead of the storm."   always informative and entertaining, this one was no exception.

what we need is rain.  this wild fire season has had it's moments and without some significant rainfall, it has the potential to get worse.  "dave" reminded us that it was on april 20th of last year that we saw the first tornado of the 2010 season.

the 2011 season is just ahead.  i'd be a fool to wish for one but i wouldn't mind a bit of stormy weather if it meant the dry grasses of the surrounding ranch lands would get a good soaking. 

tornadoes are to be respected. so too, are the springtime winds around these parts.  like those recorded this past weekend-- sustained at 40 and gusting to 60 mph, fire crews stand little chance of wild fire containment under those conditions.

so listen up, mother nature.  if tornado season is what it takes to get some rain, bring it on.  severe weather or no, we need it and i'll take it on most any terms. aio

Friday, April 8, 2011

dreams really do come true...

i had a call from the very excited  captain of the krewe du couer maudit today relating that his application to the city of austin for a parade permit for the 2011 spectacle has been approved.  exciting stuff,  i say!  there is not much telling where the very fertile mind of said captain will go with his imagining for this upcoming halloween and only time will tell us how big this event may grow to be.

this event is tailor made for austin, or vice versa.  the potential is there for it to grow into a destination event ala mardi gras. who knows?  only time will tell.  this i do know.  i plan to be there to witness this newest edition of the spectacle that is the krewe du couer maudit march/parade come halloween 2011.

it's not too soon for you to begin planning to be there to witness, take part in, this one of a kind event for yourself.  hope to see you there. 

can't be there, but want to help?  krewe dcm is accepting donations via paypal at their site--  and on that note. io