Wednesday, April 7, 2010

pray for sweet deliverance...

"like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives". another wednesday has come and gone. with it's passing, chalk up yet another day without mcgavock finishing my truck. the tubes referenced in the post previous to this one did apparently come in overnight. in actuality, they are "sleeves". whatever! as the overnight items are not delivered until "10:30--12:30" the truck could not be ready today, the 6th wednesday, and 42nd day since mcgavock took the frontier into their shop. perhaps it was st. christopher working his magic to make sure the sleeves came today. as he has not been formally introduce to the frontier, i somehow doubt that. anywhooo... the truck should be ready "in the morning". as badly as things have gone for the past six weeks, i would not be surprised in the least to hear something on the order of "we have the engine back together, but-- there's a problem". what just that problem might be, i am not prepared to say. what i am prepared to say is, i'll believe my truck is fixed the moment i can get in it, turn the ignition key and hear the engine roar to life again. what a moment, as we drive away from that awful place. what a beautiful sight, seeing the mcgavock sign grow smaller and smaller in the rear view. and i'm out.

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