Tuesday, April 13, 2010

no more buzzards...

enough about buzzards already! the occasional coincidence tends to amaze me. something like, you're sitting around with your buds when someone asks, "whatever happened to ole what's his name. i dunno, i haven't seen him in like forever" then in the next little while, a matter of days or weeks perhaps, ole' what's his name pops back onto the scene. when things like that happen, i just go--whoah! and the hair on the back of my neck kind of stands up. hey, ole what's his name, where have you been, man? is it kismet, or some other force that brings people, and things, in and out of our lives. the circle of life perhaps? hard to say, but along this line of thought, i fairly laughed out loud monday night when the musical guest for the night on "jimmy kimmel live" was announced. so, what was the group you ask. "them crooked vultures" that's who. and i'm out

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