Thursday, April 29, 2010

sung to the tune of "johnny comes marching home". kelly has found a job at last-- huzzah, huzzah --- she'll be earning a wage again-- huzzah, huzzah ---and so on. there is most assuredly a sense of relief at the william's house. i'm sure each day during the time kelly was unemployed had to be filled with anxiety, dread and questioning. when? why? a myriad of questions, all without answers until thursday. a job at last. and with that momentous news i celebrate with her the end of the seemingly unending wait. it is with a degree of mixed emotions, that i receive her glad news. i am happy. at last she is again among the employed and proud that she has persevered through it all and without dissolving into despair. to a degree, i'm also sad. why? because with the happy announcement comes an end to my own hopes, admittedly wholly selfish and unrealistic, but hopes that through some twist of fate or fortune she might find her way back, that the two of them, might somehow return to amarillo. this journey they are on is not about my hopes, my wishes, or my needs. it's about the spreading of wings, the searching for a life different than all that is familiar, comfortable, boring. it's about the pursuit of a dream yet to be mined. with the most sincere of best wishes i say-- soar baby girl, soar. aio

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