Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day Ya'll!!

Reading the Sunday "funny papers" on this fine Father's Day morning, it seems to me today's panel from "the Family Circus" got it just right.  Pictured is dad sitting on a stool with any number of gifts and the wrappings gathered about his feet-- a tie, golf balls, a CD collection, etc and his children looking at him expectantly.  "Which of the things you got for father's day do you like best?" The thought bubble over dad's head has none of those things in it, but instead he is thinking that his wife and kids are the best things he's received on Father's Day. To that thought I would just say--"amen brother-- on Father's Day and every day."

It is said that Father's Day is the Rodney Dangerfield of manufactured holidays.  It gets "little respect" and that could be because a father's contribution to the conception, care and feeding of his children pales in comparison to that of the mother.  But does that mean that a dad loves his kids less than their mom.  I think not.

Speaking for myself, there is little I would not have done-- or to bring it into the now, would do-- to ensure the health, wealth and happiness of our three. As I see it, that's a dad's main job-- on father's day and all the days of his life.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

one week in


my last day at BSAHS was last Saturday. can it have been just seven days ago?

because my usual days off were sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday, to me, my first realized day of retirement was thursday past.

without the structure of the coming work week, without that point of reference, i find myself asking--"what day is this?"

surely that won't last forever.  i have hawaii to look forward to, if the tomorrows between now and then will just hurry themselves into yesterdays. 

after that i guess i'll just have to see.