Thursday, March 25, 2010

what the heck was i thinking. starting a blog? me? some would say i'd be the last in the world to take such a leap of faith. but i did. then i began to have doubts. am i wasting my time? is there anyone, even family, mildly curious enough to read the wordings of a rambling mind? it doesn't matter. if nothing else i'll chalk it up as my battle against impending senility. i didn't have a clue as to what i was getting into. there is a certain pressure to write something. but can it be just anything? i would say not. would i recommend you start a blog. probably not. while i've enjoyed putting together my thoughts on family and raving about my truck, who cares really! the truth is the blog basically has taken over my life. there is the pressure to write and pressure, self inflicted i will grant you, to approach the level of cleverness demonstrated at my favorite blog, "the monkey heart discourses. my aim would be to write something humorous. what sounds funny in my head however doesn't necessarily translate onto paper (okay, your computer screen) as laugh out loud funny. know what i mean? but if something i've written causes even one person to crack a smile, i'm happy. okay brain, get it in gear. what should we write about today? all four of your followers are waiting with bated breath. and i'm out.

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