Sunday, March 28, 2010

panhandle weather

this will be your panhandle weather update for sunday, march 28-- could it be that spring has sprung. if the predictions bear out, it just might be true.
sunday's high is expected to be in the 60's with the temp edging toward the upper 70's on monday. but hold your hats, the week's weather only gets better. tuesday, wednesday and thursday should be in the upper 80's. friday brings a cool down into the 70's again with 60 for a high on saturday. you can''t beat those temps with a weather stick. of course along with the warmer temps will come winds at 15-20 mph. folks around these parts don't take notice of the wind until it gets up into the 30-35 mph range with a few higher gusts thrown in just for thrills. i grew up on the south plains, down south of lubbock. springtime on the south plains can be a gritty experience. it's something to see to see the earth moving along at a horizontal and at 35-40-45-50 miles and hour. there is dirt in the air when the winds get up in the panhandle but it's dust more than sand. i tell my patients that i've been gone from that area for 30+ years and i still don't have all the sand out of my craw. and on days when the wind is really gettin' with it and the panhandle horizon is brown with dust, i've been know to posit, "this is a great day not to be in lubbock". in the coming week, i wish you fair skys, little wind and the sun to warm your back, and where ever you are, i hope you have a great week. this has been your panhandle weather update. and i'm out.

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