Tuesday, March 30, 2010

i'm too old for this...

i spent a miserable night last night. up and down all night long trying to get some relief, some way, from the pain in my throat. tylenol, ibuprofen, alleve, numbing throat spray, throat lozenges-- i tried them all without relief. the nurses in this house have postulated that the pustules on my tonsils might be strep throat. I don't recall ever having strep throat. sinusitis, pharyngitis yes. tonsillitis as a child probably, but not to the point some doc thought i'd be better off without them. the pain is bad, i'm tellin' ya'. bad enough that i even took a tylenol #3 that i have left over from my nose surgery in '07; medicine held in reserve in case i ever get one of my headaches from h***. still without relief, it'spain such that i'm going to the doctor this afternoon. i like to think i have a pretty high pain tolerance what with the tension headaches that plaque me from 1-4 days a week. but this pain is different. it's like my throat is on fire. it's hard to swallow. how am i supposed to drink my daily pot of coffee? tell me that will ya'? enough on the pain in my throat. but isn't it nice to hear me whine about something other than my truck? i hope you all have a pain free day! and i'm out.

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