Tuesday, March 23, 2010

frontier's are not created equal

come on ya'll, don't go jumping to conclusions. yes, it's a 2010 nissan frontier, color is red brick (not maroon). almost every car we've ever own has been some shade of maroon. i hate maroon. but i digress. i called ann at nissan, a bit ago. just to irritate her more than anything i suppose, but under the pretext of seeing what might be happening with my truck. she informed me "he is still trying to isolate the problem" and added "i was just getting ready to call you. i need to get the toyota back. they've listed it in the paper and have someone interested in buying it". me-- that's great, you can get me the truck you promised. she-- i can get you a truck. wait, let me check. it might have to be a used one. me-- that's okay, i just want a truck. i'll be right over. she-- we can come pick it up. me-- that's okay. i'll bring it to you. that way i can pick up a truck to drive. in fact how about that red brick xe you have on the lot. she-- i'll see what i can do. so i drive over there, pull into the service area. there is a bright red frontier se sitting there, she offers me the keys. me-- that's great but it's not the one i was talking about. she--oh, which one did you mean. so i told her. she-- i can trade them out if that's what you want. the se she had there had a sticker price of $28,000+ . really nice. i should have just got in and drove it away but i didn't. i came home with the one pictured here. sticker price $20,000+. after getting in i see why there is no xe, le, or se on the back. it's a basic work truck, no power anything, no cruise. the same engine that i have in my truck but talk about a dog. i guess it's the automatic tranny. okay, it has a bedliner but i can't for the life of me figure why it's listed at 20g+. i wouldn't give 5 cents for the thing. just give me my '07 back. i did ask her if they could leave the new and true heart (ecm)" in mine when and if they ever get it figured out. she said they would because they can't take it back. that's great news for me but where exactly is this "ecm' located anyway? no matter, i get to drive this new truck around for week or ten days, until they get mine "fixed". or until they call me to bring it back 'cause they have someone interested in buying it. good luck on that, mcgavock. and i'm out.

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