Monday, March 29, 2010

the rocks

monday, 3/29/2010-- and the saga continues. i guess i'm supposed to be grateful to be provided with any kind of wheels at all while my truck is idling it's time away in a mcgavock service bay. i called ann this morning to tell her i wouldn't be bringing the 2010 frontier back today. she--okay??? me-- they called and got it back on saturday. they stuck me in an '03 dodge intrepid. she-- so you want me to put you in another vehicle? i don't think i can do that if that's what they gave you on saturday. you should call the body shop and ask them to put you in a rental. me-- i find it hard to believe that a nissan service department would not know that the heads on that engine can't be polished. she-- it didn't say that in our service manual. it should have, but it didn't. me-- so when do you think my truck will be ready. she-- it could be today. i think the heads came in on saturday. let me check. no, they didn't so it might be ready tomorrow. me- i thought the heads weren't supposed to be there until tuesday. she-- that's right, but he already has your truck apart so it could be ready tomorrow, or it could be wednesday morning. (i thought to myself--or next week, if things go the way they've been going.) like a ship lost in the dark and on the farthest sea, i cling to the beacon that is hope. hope that in my lifetime that beacon will see my truck and me reunited. please, keep us all in your thoughts-- me, my truck and the folks at mcgavock . we need all the good vibes you can muster on our behalf. a better day is coming. i have to believe that. and i'm out.

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