Sunday, March 21, 2010

a black heart transplant...

i've been wavering back and forth with all that's happened with my frontier, on whether to keep it or trade it away. today the pendulum swung back to my thinking i want to trade it off. searching the local nissan dealer's web site, i found one truck on their lot that might suit my needs (in my price range, that is). the transmission wasn't included in the information on the site so i took a drive over there to scope it out. the answer, an automatic, which really doesn't work for me. the manual transmission is so much more fun to drive, at least i think so. could it be that i'm still a dry land farm kid at heart? driving over to the dealership gave me a chance to think. i wondered how other folks go about selecting a new vehicle to buy. the usual things i guess. you know-- i think i want a ????? ?????. if you're like me, you're out cruising the car lots after closing time searching to find the make and model of your dreams, in the color that you want, with the desired features, at a price you think you can afford. looking and looking until one of those in consideration speaks to you. pick me! pick me! that's the way my frontier and i got together . on one of those late night visits, this particular frontier "spoke to me". thus the string of unfortunate events chronicled here came to pass. out of the clear blue sky i had the thought that my frontier was born with a black heart. one that for some unknown reason has had one minor catastrophe after another visited upon it. considering that possibility, i then thought perhaps the dealership frying the "ecm", the black heart of my truck if you will, might be a most fortuitous occurrence. the frontier's black heart is fried, requiring a heart transplant, a new "ecm". giving this possibility some consideration, the pendulum swung back the other direction. from the depths of the frontier's soul, it's old black heart is removed and in it's place a shiny new heart implanted. yeah, that's the ticket!

can i live with a newly reborn frontier? the one that spoke to me on that night two years ago, but with a new heart that is good and true? a heart that will show me only good times? one that never, not once incurs some angst inducing event to burden MY heart in any way? in a pie in the sky world, that's the way it would be. at least for this moment in time i'm thinking i'll give the frontier and it's new heart a chance to prove itself changed for the better. and let us all hope the pendulum doesn't have reason to swing the other way yet again. wish me, and my reborn truck, lots of luck! and we're out.

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