Tuesday, March 23, 2010

egad! i checked in with nissan yesterday. it seems the nissan's black heart may not have been fried after all. fates, please forbid that to be true. please! that all knowing machine the truck surgeon uses to diagnose my truck troubles is indicating the truck still needs a new heart (ecm) even though it is the "new and true heart" being tested. that would seem to indicate that one or more of the coronary arteries (wires or cables connecting to the ecm) were somehow "pinched" when the mechanic had the motor opened up replacing the head gasket lo those many weeks ago. ann said' "it could be a few days before he figures it out and gets it fixed" me- "uuuugh"!!! ann--"that's what he's saying". on another note i had a call on the answering machine, from mcgavock yesterday inquiring as to whether i might be ready to make a trade. curious timing, i thought. has someone there been reading my blog? could that pendulum be swinging back the other way? stay tuned. and i'm out.

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