Friday, March 26, 2010

hope springs eternal

okay, the picture has little to do with this post. the picture speaks of eternal hope, that bulbs planted in the fall will do their nature thing come spring. that the first little green leaves will peek out of the ground as though to be sure it is safe for the tulips to follow. plants, given the right conditions-- moisture, good soil and the heat of the sun will go about the business of growing, doing their planty best to strut their beautiful stuff. the picture has nothing to do with how i'm feeling about my truck situation. i only wish nissan mechanics were as dependable. ann called to let me know they had at last figured out why the truck would not start after the engine head was polished and returned to the motor. it seems they finally gave up looking for the cause of the problem and decided to ask an expert. that is, they called up the nissan food chain, explained what the problem was, a blown head gasket and what they had done, replaced the gasket and polished the head(s?) and when the engine wouldn't start, replaced the original computer-- all with no solution to the problem. nissan's response-- well, there's your problem. the heads on this motor can't be polished, they have to be replaced. the computer wouldn't let the engine start because the heads have been polished. the tolerances aren't the same with a polished head and the engine would have been harmed even further so the computer would not allow the engine to start. Okay? for me, not so much. that raises several questions for me. 1.) is this mechanic a nissan mechanic working at a nissan dealer ship? supposedly yes. then, why did they not know this little tidbit about the heads requiring replacement and polishing is not an acceptable fix for this problem with this engine to begin with? 2.) why did the diagnostic machine indicate a computer needed to be replaced, not once but with the second, new computer as well, if indeed the problem was with the head-- and not the computer at all? 3.) if ever i do get my truck back and it is running, how much confidence/faith can i have in these "repairs". i guess i can hope that all will be well. but doubt, and lots of it, keep springing into my train of thought. ugh! hope is is faint and fading fast. and i'm out.

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