Saturday, March 27, 2010

the cartoon sums it up for me. i'm feeling blue, sad, down, sorry for myself and in general wretched! i figure you are all tired of me whining on ad nauseum about the situation with my truck. hopefully for you and for me it will be resolved soon and i can stop perseverating on the subject. still, i feel a bit of stress and a certain degree of anxiety re: it all which may be putting a drain on my resistance. as a rule, i'm a guy who seldom gets sick. there is a line of thought that says running/jogging boosts one's immune system. over the years, i think that has proved to be fairly accurate, at least in my case. but, over these last weeks, my usual paltry mileage has taken a hit. i've not been running even my usual three days a week. that and the emotional drain of it all has me feeling like i may be coming down with something. it might just be allergies, the panhandle winds are doing what they do, stirring things into the air but when i woke on saturday morning i felt like my left sinus had been draining down the back of my throat. as the day wore on my whole throat became quite sore, i've started sneezing my head off, and it's progressed to my just feeling yuck. it all sucks. but what will suck even more is if i really am getting sick. i've just started my four days off. so if i am sick i'll likely be better by the time thursday rolls around. boo! piss and moan! i'm loading up on echinacea, vitamin-c, b-12 an benadryl and going to bed. afterthought-- oh--shoot, i could have had a hot toddy!

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