Friday, April 26, 2013

11 days later...


can it have been already 11 days since the horror in boston, 9 days since the explosion in west, tx?  more than once in watching coverage of these tragedies, i've found myself tearing up, sometimes the tears find their way out of my eyes. 

that was the case when i first heard of boston magazine's planned cover for their next edition.  the heart was formed with shoes worn by folks running the 2013 boston marathon.  "we will finish the race" reads the caption "the stories behind the shoes" begins on page 70. 

i haven't read the stories.  some of them have likely been told at some point in the non-stop news coverage in the days since.  there is no way boston magazine, or any other media entity could possibly tell every story there is to tell. 

what a neat picture, what a neat way to honor innocents who just happened to be there in boston on april 15, 2013, the day they bombed the boston marathon.  a day the thousands who ran the race,  finishing before, or during the blasts, those who race was interrupted, those there to support the runners efforts, the world at large will forever remember the terror of that day.


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