Friday, April 19, 2013

1 dead, 1 in custody...

i wasn't tuned in to boston marathon coverage at the exact moment the bombs went off on monday.  watching continuing coverage of the man hunt for the perpetrators and the aftermath of the tragedy in west, tx has fairly taken over my life in the days since.

under influence of the fruit of the vine last evening, i opined that it would be okay with me, if whenever the marathon bombers were tracked down, that benefit of trial be forgone and said perps should be strung up by their balls.  (that is assuming one who kills and maims innocent people even have balls.) after hanging suspended for an appropriate amount of time, at least until gangrene sets in. a confession might then be elicited. with a six shot .45 caliber revolver with one round in the sixth chamber. the barrel of that revolver should be placed between the bastard's eyes and dry fired-- once, twice, thrice, four and then five times before, confession or no, on trigger pull six the lone round sends the s.o.b. straight to hell. the point being the punk should know a taste of horror, make that terror, not unlike the people the people struck by the bomb blasts unleashed by this coward.  he, however, should be made to see it coming.

after suspect  #2 was taken alive this evening, the talking heads made me see the error of my ways.  in the end he should be made to suffer exponentially to the number of folks he killed and maimed but in the interim, any means up to and including water boarding, should be used to extract every detail of the heinous plot he and his sorry brother foisted on boston and people from around the country and the world.

suffice to say i'm not too said that suspect #1 was escorted from this life last night and i'm more than happy suspect #2 is no longer at large and threatening  harm to more innocents.  

closer to home, west, tx. is still reeling from what is assumed to be an industrial accident.  the death toll continues to rise with perhaps dozens still unaccounted for. 

our thoughts are with the bombers victims and their families as well as the good folks of west.

i'm hoping for a slow news week upcoming.  i'm exhausted from chasing terrorists, spent from agonizing with my fellow Texans. but enough about me.

prayers for all who are suffering from being bombed in boston and blasted in west.
p.s. this message was also penned (as you might guess) under the influence of an australian moscato.  : )   

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