Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston marathon bombing

....and yet another senseless tragedy has been visited upon innocent people.  for what cause, real or imagined, can the maiming and killing of innocents be justified.  an eight year old boy, dead-- to what end?

indeed, the aftermath of yesterday's bomb explosions at the boston marathon finish line area had the look of a war zone. to my unpracticed eyes their was evidence of life pulsed away in crimson arcs on a boston sidewalk.

there is no understanding such horror. there can only be a swift and certain race to bring those responsible to justice, and justice there must be.  8 year old Martin and the others who were killed and those whose lives were forever altered in an instant deserve no less.  we, the people, deserve no less.

it is a sad comment on the world we live in. it is an unfortunate reality that in this day and time, in the open society that is the USofA, those of mal intent see an event like the Boston marathon as an opportunity. an opportunity to reek havoc, to destroy, to demoralize those on the scene and across the country. if it can happen there, why not here?

my family is not allowed to "what if ?" as a country we must not slip into that mind set. to do so could be crippling. to do so would mean the miscreants who rained horror down on innocent people have won. we must not be cowed.  we must go on, even in the face of the possible. good must triumph in the end.

May God bless those who are hurting, the first responders and standers by who lent a hand in disregard for personal safety, the officials as they seek the perpetrators and all of us as we try to digest another horrific attack.


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