Tuesday, May 28, 2013



may 11, 2013 marked the ninth annual Mike Roberts Memorial Run- the mister mister if you will.  really? can it have been that long?  nine years?  Nine runs-- staged to honor the indomitable spirit and force for good that was Mike Roberts. 

that first run in is honor in 2005, was called the Piped Piper 5 Miler.   perhaps it should have remained so as that was mike.  he had a way about him that compelled anyone, everyone, he met to join him on a run at noon from the family life center at FBC, or a run, bike, run after work. he was forever conjuring up some way to get new people involved in the quest for fitness.  his charm didn't work on everyone but it wasn't for lack of trying.  it worked on me as it did many.

today, as it has continued to be over the passing years, a number of mikes rats will gather at noon at the flc for "a run".  the nine years have done nothing good for pace or distance but still we continue.  nope, it's not pretty but we are still hitting the bricks and that my friends would make Mike smile.

Michael Lee Roberts 
September 27, 1950
May 10, 2004

We miss you Mike!


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