Sunday, April 21, 2013

medi-park puddle...

it's been a while since i hauled my carcass out of bed on sunday morning to meet the guys for coffee. we won't mention how long its been since i've made it up in time for perambulation of what was once medi-park lake.

thinking about it, i've not paid any attention to the lake since i've retired.  i remember watching from  the 6-c dayroom which looks down on the park as a heavy rain storm and a mini river of whitewater poured into the lake.that was some time before late may 2012 and the last time i gave the lake any mind.  saturday night i received something close to an engraved invitation to meet the guys for their sunday morning, neither sleet nor rain, yada yada yada-- walk.

it was a shock to the system leaving the warmth of my bed *-* hours before it has become my habit to rise.  an even bigger shock was the water level at the medi-park.  if we do not get some significant rainfall over the next weeks and months, at least the shallower south end could completely dry up and if that happens the north end can't be far behind as the south empties into it. 

another shock, although a pleasant one, was the absence of the canadian geese that fouled the sidewalks the last time i was there.  there are still a few but their numbers are now in the tens, not the hundreds i saw the last time i was there. 

admittedly, that was last year but it makes me wonder why.  i've not seen anything about parks a rec staging  goose round up, nothing about a mysterious and sudden die off.  they're simply gone.  maybe the water level got so low, the "lake" water so fouled with fowl doo, the geese left the medi-park for "greener pastures", so to speak.

i'm not sad to see them go.  walking around the medi-park without having too pay too much attention to where i stepped was nice.  maybe i should leave well enough alone; maye i shouldn't look a gone goose in the beak, if you will.  : )

whatever... bring on the rain, please!


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