Wednesday, April 17, 2013


the question is, "WTF! WHO DOES SOMETHING LIKE THIS?? this being, who plants explosive devices in the midst of non-combatants, women and children, men, the young and the old, people whose sole reason for being in that particular spot, at that particular time was a study in innocence?   there to witness a family member finishing the marathon for the first, or the umpteenth, time.  there to be a part of a patriot's day tradition, to witness the iconic sporting event being staged for the 117th time.  there to party with friends, to lift a few pints in fellowship and fun.  none in the 20,000 plus marathoners, none in the estimated half million spectators, none among the multitudes had such malicious intent, save one.  whether that one proves to be an individual or a group, foreign or domestic, only one amongst the many possessed a heart so black as to perpetuate such a terroristic act and the resultant deaths, grievous injuries and ensuant miseries.

few in this nation of "good will toward men" care to imagine setting such horror into motion.  there are individuals and groups "with a cause" who espouse hatred for others but seldom do they take their maleficent ideations beyond pompous boilerplate.  thus it is ever more paralytic when out of nowhere an event as bomb-blastic as the boston explosions intrude the country's collective psyche. 

there is no value in what-iffing, no use wasting our time in "if only land". 4-15-2013-- boston, mass.and the 117th running of the marathon will be forever etched in our memories.  nor should we forget 8 year old Martin and the other fatalities or the many who suffered injury to body and/or mind.  remembering will serve to honor the deceased and those whose realities were forever altered at 2:10 p.m. EST the day "they" bombed the Boston marathon.  to borrow a phrase, "it is a day that will live in infamy".


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