Wednesday, April 3, 2013

changing of the guard....

I see on the net today that NBC has confirmed that Jay Leno will be leaving the tonight show come next year having hosted for these last 22 years. The rumor that Jimmy Fallon would be taking over for Jay and moving the show to New York  was also confirmed.

I have mixed feelings about the announcement.  I remember watching Johnny Carson as he hosted the show for the last times and the misgivings I had that Jay would ever be able to replace Johnny.  in truth he didn't, but Jay did go on to make the show his own with different bits.  no longer were we treated to Carson's antics as "Carnac the Magnificent" and others; "Art Fern-- TV Time announcer" with busty Carole Wayne as his foil, "Floyd R. Turbo-American" and "Aunt Flabby", among others. for those same 30 years Ed McMahon stood at his side, straight man to Johnny's hilarity. 

Just as it took time for Johnny to distance the show from the Jack Paar days, so did Jay make the show into his over time.  "Monday night-- time for headlines", "jaywalking", "battle of the jaywalk all-stars" and "ask jay anything" are regulars that come to mind when I think of  the tonight show with Jay Leno. 

After all the years I still prefer Jay over Fallon, Kimell, Letterman or Ferguson .  when the big switch is finally a reality, i'm not sure what i'll do. switch to Letterman?  maybe, but he's getting long in the tooth himself so who knows how long it will be before he sings his own swan song and the battle for late night is on-- again.

there is another option that I haven't given much thought to trying.  that is, I could just go to bed after the late news is over. but that might lead to getting up early and that goes against all that I looked forward to in retirement in the first place! I guess i'll have to see how things shake out.  as the old song goes, "whatever will be, will be".


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