Tuesday, April 23, 2013

a woman's perogative...

mother nature is one fickle lady.  yesterday, the high temp here in little a-town was 89.  nice!  one might start to think spring has arrived to stay.  but, no!  last evening another polar blast blew through here on it's way south bringing with it winds sustained at around 40 with gusts to who knows how high.  laying in bed, trying to get to sleep, the sound of the wind funneling between our house and coach b's next door was restive in its rush to get to where? lubbock?  tahoka? o'donnell? lamesa?  the front will surely run out of steam somewhere along the way.

today's high is to be 40 or so, but with winds still at 30 and gusting, its another raw "spring" day.  it leaves us here in the panhandle of texas wishing mama nature could make up her mind.  is it spring?  or is it not? 

as for me, myself and i, a string of days in the 80's would suit us just fine; so come on mama, bring on the warmer weather.  please!



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