Saturday, September 1, 2012

too long gone...


there is no more helpless feeling than sitting here in little a-town with some guy named isaac bearing down on the big easy.  so what's the big deal about that? weeelll... that's where the daughter and her hubby live, in orleans parish in that hurricane magnet called new orleans, louisiana.

as far as that goes, they came through the storm mostly unscathed. oh, they did lose power around midnight as isaac snailed his way past out to the west of new orleans proper.  the problem is, going onto 72 hours later there still is no power at their place.

what WAS isaac is up at the top of illinois and indiana doing its thing while the daughter sits in her apartment off napoleon, stewing in her own juices.  miserable doesn't begin to describe the conditions. no power doesn't end with no lights, but also means no a/c... which anyone along the coast will tell you is a disaster in its own right.  sweating the day away is one thing but sweating all night, in the dark no less, is quite another.

it seems there are entergy trucks in the neighborhood this morning giving some hope that power will be restored in her lifetime.  that's another thing that's adding fuel to my angst; that being... all she, or i can do IS hope.


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