Sunday, August 26, 2012

Manual did me in!

memory fails to dredge up a time when i've felt more worked over than i did this morning as i crawled out of bed.  yesterday's vis-a-vis with manual labor pointed up the fact--  "this old, gray nag ain't what he used to be."  it would be easier to name the muscles that aren't aching than to list those that are.

what i know from my years of running tells me that tomorrow is gonna be a b***h!  the second day after overexertion is most always worse than the first.  hmm... does that mean i won't be able to untrack?  time will tell, i guess.

the way i feel today points up the fact that i'm not as young as i used to be.  then again, who is?

when it comes time to say goodbye to the two aging and sickly trees in the front yard, i think i'll look into hiring it done.  trying to take down those bad boys myself might be the death of me too.

who says i'm too old to learn?


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