Sunday, September 2, 2012

let there be light...

and there was light.  my last post ended with the HOPE that the power would soon be restored at the daughter's place there in new orleans.  her place is but one among hundred of thousands of homes and businesses affected by isaac. she bore the previous nights away in  an inky blackness broken only by candlelight, the stars and a rare blue moon.

what is hope, if not a form of prayer?  hope was rewarded last night about 8 in the p of m.  she was in the process of lighting her candles when the lights came on.  thankfully she would not have to withstand another anxiety ridden night in the dark, another night of humid discomfort with only the sound of cicadas singing to pierce the quiet of the march toward dawn. 

thank you entergy for your due diligence in not making my daughter be one of the ones whose power may not be restored before midweek. thank you to the powers that be for listening to our supplication for relief.

what is left of isaac is still doing its thing in indiana and kentucky as the currents steer him where they will.  there will be some good come of isaac's passing.  while the miseries of the folks along the gulf coast linger still, isaac's path will have left behind some much welcome moisture across parts of this drought plagued country.  for that too, we are grateful.

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