Thursday, September 27, 2012


"stop, children, what's that sound... everybody look what's going down..." jefferson airplane

in the wee hours of this morning, before the dawn of a new day peeked its head above the eastern rim, the sound of thunder and the insistent patter of rain on the roof dredged me from my slumber. pausing, not fully awake, not sleeping, i listened, unsure if what i was hearing was part of an unremembered dream.

"wow, it's raining" and sleep came again. from time to time the gentle rumble of thunder and a persistent tap dance on the roof told me that rain was still around. heaven!

the drought persists around these parts.  local tv reports that little a-town has received more rain than in 2011, some 9+ inches, but we are still 7 inches behind the average annual rainfall-- still bone dry.

i've seen reports of 2 inches of rain around the area with this system.  when i checked my rain gauge this morning i found a like amount. still, until i saw these reports i was unsure as someone around here has been known to help the gauge along via her garden hose; not helpful, but with good intent.

rain remains in the forecast for tonight with a better than even chance of rain tomorrow. predictions are for some small chance of rain through sunday night.

bring it on! we'll take all the clouds are willing to give, and more if we can get it.

(let it fall, let it fall, let it fall)
please don't stop the rain!
(let it fall, let if fall, let it fall)
please don't stop the rain!          james morrison


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