Thursday, September 20, 2012



it is a sad fact that we have as yet not been blessed with grandchildren.  in lieu we, perhaps foolishly, refer to our kiddos pets as grand-cats and grand-dogs. 

on tuesday we got a call from our daughter in new orleans reporting that one of her two cat's, alice, was not doing well-- not eating or drinking and thus not peeing or pooping, that she knew of at least.  over the last little bit she had reported that alice had been losing weight.  in truth, alice could lose some pounds without missing them at all.  K. lovingly called alice "sausage" and the last time i saw alice the name still fit.

on wednesday, alice was no better.  if anything she was worse having become unsteady on her feet as she tried to walk.  she had a 3:00 p.m. appointment with the vet to see what's what.  the answer--  without running $1200 dollars worth of tests, which might or might not explain alice's decline and perhaps point the vet to a solution which might or might not be effective, his educated guess was kidney failure or diabetes. our daughter certainly doesn't have that kind of money and though we love our daughter more than life itself, and we love alice as we do our own three kitties, we were not inclined to front what was unlikely to be a positive outcome.

facing the stark reality of circumstance our daughter made a brave, extremely tough decision--that being to put her sweet alice to rest.

she called when she got back home.  i cried buckets of tears as she told me of being there with alice, gently speaking words of love and comfort for her delightful companion of ten years. as she painted a picture of alice's last moments, i could hardly speak.  the words i so needed to share caught in my throat. 

as i write this tears are streaming down my face, not so much for alice, she is with gus and buddy, with roxie and velma in the kitty hereafter, but for K. who is nigh on to 900 miles away from the hugs and love no phone call or blog entry can sufficiently convey.  

k., i know you are in pain... i know you will miss her.  treasure your memories of miss alice, of your "sausage" and know that we too will treasure memories of our grand-cat.
alice (second from right) you were a wonder. R.I.P. 09/19/2012


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