Saturday, September 29, 2012

three in a row... whoa!!

no rain, or wind, woke me on friday night. imagine my surprise when i finally dragged out of bed this morning to find that indeed it had again favored us with a downpour.  my rain gauge showed 0.7 inches with another 0.1 added through the morning. the system is moving away, spreading its bounty across other parts of this thirsty land.

i can't recall when we've had substantial rains three days/nights in a row. whatever, but in these parts it's a rare occurrence. if my gauge correctly reflected rainfall on wednesday night, the heavens (read our good Lord) have favored us here at 7420 with 4.3 inches of life sustaining moisture over these few days. even if that wednesday total was off, and an average for the area was used to figure a total, we'd be looking at 2.8 inches.  either way, things are very wet here and we are left feeling extremely blessed.

the forecast still has a small chance for rain through sunday.  my gut tells me we couldn't be that lucky.

or could we?  i guess we'll see.


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