Sunday, September 30, 2012

4 in a row???!!!

i got all excited, watching the radar as this system as it worked its way down from colorado, across the northeast corner of new mexico and the western panhandle of oklahoma; hearing the sound of thunder rumbling its way into little a-town.  

it did rain here at 7420, there is rain in the gauge, but my gauge is barely discreet enough to tell me how much.  it rained enough to wet the sidewalk, enough to run off the house a bit, flirting with 0.1 inch, but nothing close to the previous three days.

i don't mean to sound ungrateful; one should not take any moisture at all for granted. this system has already moved on, delivering its welcomed gift to parts south of here in this bitch of a drought that still has this country by the throat.

thanks to the great spirit-- ruler of the heavens,  of the earth and of man. we are blessed.


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