Sunday, September 30, 2012

empty bucket....

a check of the rain gauge first thing this morning showed it to be empty with the exception of a baby bug of some kind; a tiger beetle i hope-- and not a termite.  i'm leaning toward the tiger beetle option as the gauge was placed in the middle of the back yard.  i hope it's not just wishful thinking.

here at 7420 we've seen much welcomed rain on the three previous nights.  probably it was too much to expect, rain on four consecutive nights.  there is still a chance of rain in the forecast for today.  a check of the radar shows a little something building in the southeast corner of colorado and moving in this general direction.

if it continues to build and if it holds together and if it finds its way to 7420 before midnight, it will have rained here 4 consecutive days.

if it doesn't grace us here, that's okay, we'll be happy for those drought stricken folks who do get it. 

such is the life of a dry land cotton farmer's son.  


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