Monday, October 1, 2012

4th dayin a row... round 2!!

after getting little in the way of measurable rainfall with the first system i wrote about yesterday, to what did my wondering eyes appear, coming on to 11:30 pm, but a second system barrelling down from the oklahoma panhandle, straight down the middle of the texas panhandle, taking dead aim for little a-town.

i most assuredly thought i was being given a second chance for some significant rainfall here at 7420; and i did get some in the old rain gauge, but like so many systems that seem to be a can't miss situation this second one veered off to the east barely dragging its outer skirts over my place. it rained enough to dribble out of the gauge, but just barely.

them's the breaks my friends.  maybe next round, say monday next, if the clouds are willing.  i'll be ready-- and waiting.


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