Friday, May 23, 2014

Praise Tlaloc...

last evening, the skies favored us at 7420 with another 0.3 inches of rain.  as i went tp bed the radar indicated new development to the south moving in this direction.  i got up to answer my bladder's call around 4:30.  i could hear the sound of sprinkles hitting the lens of the tube light.

there's no better sleeping than with the sound of rain on the roof. being the son of a dry land cotton farmer, the first thing i did this morning was check the gauge.  another 0.5 inch!

throughout the morning the rain has continued to fall, the gauge is inching its' way toward 1.0 since i emptied it last.  almost 2 inches total in these last days.

glorious! but not anywhere near to drought busting.  a report in the news indicates it would take 18-30 inches over the next 6 months to break it.  doubtful, at best.  but with the generosity of tlaloc and with a little help from el nino, maybe we can put a dent in the mean old drought anyway.

it continues to rain.  gentle, soaking, life giving.


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