Thursday, May 22, 2014

New York, NY... postscript.

after a week of agonizing about losing/having my cell phone stolen, Monday brought a resolution. I'd heard back from the port authority-- "'your phone hasn't been turned in to us". with that news, I decided to bite the bullet and investigate how much replacing my cell was going to hurt.

wonder of wonders, i  was in for a rather pleasant surprise.  amber, at the att store on I-40, was able to upgrade me to an iPhone 5s, no surprise there i guess, but in the process of reviewing our account was able to lower our monthly bill by $53/mo. that included the monthly installment for the new phone and without signing a new 2 year contract in the deal.

dumfounded, flabbergasted, stunned-- you choose the descriptive word, but i walked out with a new iPhone 5s, a lower monthly bill and big shit eating grin on my face.  the wife was pretty happy about this particular turn of events as well.

sometimes good can come from a bad thing. for once in my life, i fell into a pile of dung and came out smelling like a rose.


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