Monday, May 19, 2014

New York, NY... it's a helluva town 5!

and on sunday we saw 2 shows.

the second was "Hedwig and the Angry Inch", an irreverent rock musical featuring Neil Patrick Harris as a trans-vestite/sexual cabaret singer from Hitler's Germany.  The angry inch is the name of the band but also refers to now missing anatomy.

I was a little nervous about how our friends the Drs. V would receive the show but they at least professed to like it.

NPH was phenomenal in the role.  I had seen him in several interviews coming up to the performance in which he intimated that he/Hedwig would interact with the audience in an often biting bit of repartee.  All in character of course, as (s)he was when (s)he called out a couple coming in late to their seats in the front row.  "have trouble getting here? I was on time-- and I came all the way from Germany". cue the raucous laughter.

A great evening of musical theater.  I've not seen the other nominated musicals but I'll be surprised if he doesn't win for best (s)he-male in a leading role.

If you get the chance, put aside your puritan pride and treat yourself to Hedwig.   a fun, fun evening.


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