Thursday, May 22, 2014

Praise Tlaloc...

it's been so dry, for so long around here, folks in these parts have just about forgotten what rain looks like. for days the local weather gurus have brayed, "rain is coming". not just a chance of rain on one day but good chances for rain every day through labor day.  it's been so dry  for so long I, for one, have been afraid to even hope.

yesterday afternoon, I watched the radar showing good rain showers coming up from the south but passing to the west and to the east of little a-town.  here we go again. it has seemed over time that promising radar returns appear to be taking dead aim at the city only to split apart, skirting around and reuniting on the other side. but last night the clouds continued streaming up from the south, and wonder of wonders, they held together blessing us here at 7420 with 1/2 an inch.  not a downpour, not a drought breaker, just a gentle shower over several hours.

the wondrous smell of petrichor was a bonus.

here's praying for more rain in the area today and in the days to come. being almost 40 inches behind the norm over the past 3 years the parched earth can use any rain we can get and all that mother nature will give.


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