Tuesday, May 20, 2014

new york, ny... it's a helluva town 6!

the only downer in the almost 5 days in the big apple came on the day we left, in the very last moments of our time there.  it happened as i was getting out of the cab at LaGuardia. either my iPhone dropped to the floor of the cab or fell to the ground as i was exiting. 

i was just clearing the security screening process when the awful realization that i didn't have my cell phone dawned on me.  oh what a sick feeling.  by this time we had already checked in at the gate, checked bags and processed through security screening, so the cab was long gone.  there was no chance to rush out to try to stop the driver.  and of course, the phone is pass code protected so that if anyone had found it there was no way for them to answer my  frantic calls or texts.  i had "find my phone" installed but that does a helluva lot of good when it's not activated and/or turned on. for now it is out of service with my provider.

I've spent the days since beating myself up for being so careless.  the phone had already survived being dropped into a curbside rain puddle and now this. what to do now? i could have called 311 while i was still in NY but was unaware of the option.

once i got back home i started grasping at straws in an effort to get the phone back.  i paid www.yellowcabnyctaxi.com $49.95 to list my phone as lost in hopes of getting it back.  I'm fairly certain this is a scam aimed at desperate saps like myself.  the fee is for the listing, which i would guess, legally, the site has done what it said it would do, i.e. allow me to file an item as lost. i can't seem to access the list for info contained within. how can anyone having found a black iPhone 4 in a red otter box case access my info? nor can i access a list of found items.  I have little hope this effort will lead to recovery of my phone. $49.95, down the drain!

I've filed a service request online with 311 NYC giving the particulars (for free).  as advised, i called the numbers listed, yesterday.   a very helpful officer at the 17th precinct checked for my phone then gave me two numbers for precincts in queens (LaGuardia is in queens).  i spoke with officers? at the 107th and 155th precincts as well but my phone has yet to turn up there.  I left a message with the LaGuardia lost and found clerk and filed a report at lgalostandfound@panynj.gov

whether any of this will be of any avail? i have my doubts.   hope is dimming that i'll ever see my iPhone 4 again.  it's insured but there's no telling how much replacement will cost.  there's a price to be paid for being an inattentive dumbass.  anguish in spades so far and another hit to the old pocketbook coming.


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