Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thank you, Sir Alex

okay, i don't believe it's time to start building a new ark and gathering the animals two by two, but then again i don't live out in highland park. in the past 24 hours that area has received 10.50 inches of rain. just fyi, we're talking the panhandle of texas here. that's more than half the average yearly rainfall in one single day.

one fella was quoted as saying "the water was running like a river through the building (highland park high)." the basement at rick husband international flooded with "water up to the ceiling". That's exactly what you get when you live in the flatlands. with torrential rains like we saw last night there is just nowhere for the rain to go-- except to the low laying areas-- like a basement. we got nowhere near that much rain in my part of town, my rain gauge had about three inches in it this morning, but the basement area where the new fitness center at the hospital is located, flooded yet again. It has been a problem for years but "they thought they had it fixed." Apparently not!

it's too bad all those 10.5 inches couldn't have fallen directly over the lake meredith watershed. It did rain over that way and the lake level had risen about six inches overnight, but still. with that tropical storm making it's way inland down at the tip of texas maybe we have more prospects on the way. let's hope so.

when you live in the desert you take the rain whenever it will come and say, thank you lord. thank you very much. aio

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