Wednesday, July 21, 2010

in today's paper is a piece relating that the DA will present to a grand jury the case referenced in my post from monday. i think that's probably appropriate. if someone dies "at your hand" shouldn't' you be held accountable? in this case, a jury of peers will decide if there should be some consequence outside a lifetime of guilt.

the paper's piece also noted that texas law stipulates that cyclists should ride no more than two abreast. from the article, and from talking with my friend k., they were riding with another cyclist, e.g. three abreast.

so agn, because she was riding three abreast, she deserved the death penalty? if one of our texas dps officers, or a county sheriff had driven by them, would he have ticketed them for said infraction? maybe, but if he stopped at all, he also might have given a warning.

what will the grand jury's decision be, i wonder? i am not espousing his cause over hers. this tragedy will have changed lives on both sides of the aisle. what is to be gained by sending this young man to jail? doing so will not bring her back. it might serve to give her family and friends some sense of justice. perhaps that is their right.

this case only goes to show what can be the grave consequence of a moments inattention; how in a few seconds--the blink of an eye, the course of time can be altered. the grand jury will decide whether this a matter for the courts. common sense says either way, trial or no, the whole deal is a crying shame. aio

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