Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the shadow of a smile...

isn't it odd, the little twists and turns, the odd coincidence that life seems to take sometimes.  just this morning while working the daily crossword puzzles for instance.

but first, if you've been following the postings i've made regarding my truck, a nissan frontier, hereafter simply "the frontier" you will recall that all the drama started with the body shop switching radiator caps which caused the engine to overheat and a head gasket to blow leading to the frontier being in the truck hospital for some 53 days.  none of the happenings described in those posts made me smile.

but i did have to smile this morning when i realized the solution to 37 across-- car engine part, was--- wait for it-- radiator cap.

okay, maybe not that funny to you. but it is to me, how the happenstance of life, it's ebb and flow can bring a smile to me after all this time.  i hope you all have a stellar day and i hope something happens today to make you smile.  

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