Wednesday, July 28, 2010

good things come to those who wait...

the piano was not the first instrument of choice for our middle son. it is my great regret that we did not somehow coerce him into taking piano lessons.  i bought the wife a nice little baldwin spinet about the time he could have made use of it.  that is neither her nor there. his choice in the beginning was acoustic guitar.  he has since gone one to  conquer different instruments. i am forever astounded by his creativeness particularly in view of his lack of formal training. 

burned blue was the name of his first band.  of the 3 or more bands he has played with, bb was my favorite.  i guess, because they came closest to being "main stream".  there was a lot of talent there. as bands sometimes do, they drifted apart.  prettypretty and isaac the blind are both in limbo for the time being.  i can't see them getting back together.  band members are people first, and people move on.

their demise, if that is what it is, doesn't break my heart.  though i support c. 100%  in whatever his endeavour may be, i will not tell you i liked  the last two bands at all.  i've been to their concerts, i can appreciate all the work that goes into a show, but for the life of me, try as i might, i never developed a liking for their "music".

these last months has seen him move on to two new projects.  the town hall devils is said to be a rockabilly band.  that concept is intriguing to me.  they played a gig in dallas this past weekend.  sure would have like to have been there to hear them.  i'm hoping i can actually understand the lyrics they sing. that's been my main hangup with his previous bands. still,  i will make a flying trip down austin way to hear them the first time opportunity presents. 

he's also involved with a second new project-- a surf band.  though i haven't heard it from him, through my limited powers of deduction, i believe i have discovered that the band is to be called-- acid beach.  interesting thought, a surf band austinized = acid beach.  if i'm wrong about the name, you will read about it here first.

i hope i'm not setting myself up for a fall.  i'll be tickled pink if either,or both, of these new efforts ultimately become something i can not only support 100%, but actually enjoy hearing.

that's the $64,000 dollar question, now isn't it. will the town hall devils and/or acid beach be music to my ears.  i hope so. if not, i love him anyway. aio

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