Saturday, July 17, 2010

"it's all in the game"

have you ever given serious consideration to the genius that is the human brain? the brain is indeed a marvel, capable of infinitely more than we ask of it. for most of us, we nightly slip away into a dreamland of sights, sounds, smells-- which can be fabulous and extremely "real", at least until the moment we wake up in the reality abandoned as sleep carried us away.

a computer has the capacity to store tons of information; sitting there on the hard drive, ready to be retrieved. the average human brain has all that capacity and more. however,unlike a computer, the human brain often retrieves unbidden, factoids from the reaches of matter and time.

for instance, as i was leaving work tonight, lyrics from 1958-- Tommy Edwards "it's all in the game" popped into my head. "many a tear has to fall, but it's all in the game... all in the wonderful game, that we know as love..." i've not heard the song, not thought of the song since ??? oh, somewhere around 1959 perhaps. still, those lyrics have been sitting somewhere in the old memory bank since the last time they were called forward, somehow biding time until called to report in at the front desk of my consciousness. i promise, i didn't purposely try to remember them but of an instant they were there. 1959-- it's been a minute. i guess they got tired of waiting. aio

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