Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Daughters' Day/Week

i received an e-mail reminding me, (??that would be assuming i was aware) that this week is daughters week. the quote included tugged at the old heart strings just a bit. so to do my part toward honoring all the daughters out there i give you this.

"a daughter will hold your hand only for a little while, but will hold your heart for a lifetime."

our only daughter, kelly susan, had my heart from the get go; that is from the moment she made her way into this cold, cruel world and after taking that first ragged breath announced with a cry-- look out world, here i come. she was born with congenital heart defects. before her third birthday she had been through two surgeries to mend the asd and vsd. it is regrettable that she had to endure such trials while so young but i choose to believe, at least in part, it was that which made her so fiercely independent at such an early age. i've written before as to how she refers to herself as having a "monkey heart". no thanks to her brother who first hung that tag on her but that too may have strengthened her resolve.

I'm going to take some the credit for her strength of character in that had it been up to her mom she may have grown into a very different person. from early on, i insisted we were not to treat kelly any different than the boys. i would be damned if we would "wrap her in cotton"; a shroud of protection for a fragile, wounded bird. indeed she was a delicate thing for a time but with each passing day and year her inner strength and determination grew.

today she is confident, accomplished and edging her way into her thirties. she and her husband kevin live in new orleans. post katrina, things there can be a struggle and it was so even before the bp mess added to the mix. she is working but, having her masters degree, is still searching for the right fit you might say, a position that will allow her to use her hard earned degree more completely.

so on this day/week to honor daughters everywhere i wish them only the best and to my lovely daughter, this-- kelly i'm proud of you. you make my heart sing. i love you so much. aio

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